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A One of a Kind Experience

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 The materials are sumptuous, the colors are gorgeous and the service is top notch! I just love coming into this store and being greeted by the beautiful owner and her lovely daughters. The scarves and shawls are my weakness. The colors are so beautiful and the fabrics are soft and luxurious. I get compliments on every item I have from this shop and I really enjoy how each item is unique and has its own story. Maruta has told me not only where the wool from each shawl came from but occasionally the specific village which tends the sheep and then dyes the wool and weaves the shawl. It gives the piece a global connection and enhances my appreciation for all of the hard work that goes into creating those beautiful textiles. This is the perfect locally owned business to treat yourself and to find great unique gifts.

I have been shopping here for my wife over the past 5 years and I can say this jewelry shop is the best. In addition, its more than a shop its a destination for finding that amazing unique piece for your daughter, wife and loved one. The selection of specialized jewelry is second to none in Boulder. I can always find something so beyond the norm for my wife here! The owner and her two daughters make my shopping experience fun and exciting!

Gypsy Jewel is probably my most favorite store in all the world. When we moved to Boulder a few years ago I by chance went in one day, I mean it's hard to walk by and not go in. They have the most eclectic and beautiful collection of jewelry I've ever seen. It's treasure upon treasure. What makes it even better is the wonderful and caring family who owns the store. They are always connecting and always so full of love. Don't pass this place by, I promise you won't regret it!

A fantastic down to earth family that brings quality goods from the original source. They see the entire production line and look for an discrepancies in relationship to fair prices from the producer, to them, to the consumer. An integral part of the community they do far more than just basic retail. You will love the store!

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